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        If you're serious about selling your rare, antique, or classic vehicle,  you need to put it on the internet where prospects from all around the world can see it.   You'll be surprised how many people are interested in buying your car.    Some of them may be far away, but if you have a nice car, they'll be willing to come and get it or pay to have it shipped to them.   See sample ads       Order a car for sale ad now

       Car Trader is a great way to expose your car to potential buyers by using the internet.  Your full page professional ad on our two sites will help you sell it.    Our pages show up high on Google for car related searches, and our traffic is increasing steadily.

        Competition from eager buyers can make the price go up.   Buyers will look over the ad and the pictures and some of them will call you to make an offer.  You will be in complete control of the negotiations.    When you car sells, just contact us and we'll list it as sold.

       Contact us now to sell your car    We will respond promptly.


Old gas pump

Old cars for sale

Model T
more cars

Old pick up truck


Old pick-up trucks

"Cars for stars"
Rare, antique, and collectible cars for sale
Classic 60's era Ford Mustang for sale  SOLD

“life is a trip, go on it N roam a bit” 
Get a car on a t-shirt,  rhyme included if you choose it.   [t-shirt page]

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Car Trader

Sample Ads and prices
All prices are one time only, until sold
We have 4 different advertising options
 Order a car for sale ad now

1.   Text ad.     A line of descriptive text, with your phone number, email, and or link 
  Price:     $ 10

2.   Single photo ad with headline and paragraph of text

$ 24.95 until sold

51 chevy pickup

3.   Single photo, text, with link to whole page ad
Other sample pages
1950 Pickup    Mustang   Jeep    2003 Hummer H2

$ 125 + 3% commission. Ad runs until sold.
 Includes Ebay.
-Buy it Now-

'20 Lincoln Coupe

4.   Special services advertising 
sample here
Price or commission negotiable
If your car is exceptionally valuable, we'll jump over hoops to get it sold
including price research, listing on eBay, photo services, video and more
Call for details   917-239-3151

 Shop for books about cars      OLD PICKUP TRUCK

   Antique car note-cards, 12 different 
includes some old pick-up trucks

Courtesy Dragone Classic Cars, Bridgeport, CT

Hot rod
Hot Rods

Belgian Congo, 1920's homesteaders

Late 1940's

Volkswagen "beetle", 1968

And you thought YOU were stuck...

most old cars end up like this
Parts cars

Old cars are great for advertising
Theme cars

antiquecar14.jpg (28872 bytes)

Before photo.....
Works in progress


end of the road....

Early "ragtop"
Extremely rare cars

modelT2.jpg (35003 bytes)

After restoration

antiquecar4.jpg (28410 bytes)

Your car featured here

Your car featured here

Your car featured here

Your car featured here

This site

You can advertise here
for very reasonable rates

Peter Tytla's
junkyard car photo collages.
Vw Beetle
 Old pick-up trucks

Dragone Classic cars  -- Bridgeport, Connecticut
Old fire trucks 

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Richard's classic cars -- salvage


Hudson, Pontiac, Model T, hot rod

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