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Photography instruction, tips, links, and other resources.

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Product Photography Training

Learn how to photograph merchandise.
See a very small sample of what's in this section

This section will show you how to get great product photos that sell
your merchandise faster for a higher price.

We offer almost instant delivery of this money-saving and money-making information product.

The value of good merchandise photos

       Virtually all tangible products require a good picture in order to sell online or through the mail because people depend almost totally on their eyes when they buy a product they can’t actually touch. The only other thing that also helps is your honest, accurate, and illustrative description of the product.

        If you sell online, you need to know how to get good photos of what you’re selling.     You also need to create your photos fast and economically with the minimum of equipment.

         On the internet you can find smart merchants who already know what I’m talking about:   good photos sell more products.   I’m sure they’re doing well, but I suspect they might be spending a small fortune hiring a photographer, or buying way too much expensive equipment.     If that sounds like you, then you need to see this material.  

         You’ll be surprised to know how you can get great photos with relatively simple equipment IF you know what equipment to buy and how to use it to its best advantage.    I can tell you what to look for in a camera, how to set up, how to use light, how to edit and adjust photos, and many other things.    I've worked with many thousands of photographs, so I can help you.

          This section will show you how to get professional, clear, and well lit photos that will sell your product for a higher price.

Some of the topics in our instruction section

*  How to choose cameras and lenses.
*  How to set up the shoot, props, backgrounds and lights.
*  How to deal with materials such as glass, metal, fabric, etc.
*  How to edit, crop, and size photos.
and much, much more and many samples.

      The price you pay for this valuable information will be repaid many, many times over, perhaps on your very first sale.   I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

Generous offer

           All of the first buyers will receive a continuous membership to all of our valuable photography content.  PLUS,  3 personal emails directly to me, photographer Paul Smyres and other bonuses listed below.

          I’m a commercial and professional photographer with a wide range of experience and two large, internationally known websites,  and, plus a smaller site,    My work covers products, portraits, pets, aerial and property photography, as well as stock, editorial, décor, and travel photography. These sites average about 150,000 unique visitors monthly from over 155 countries.

         Why am I offering this information for such a low cost?   It’s because I shop online all the time, and I buy and sell on eBay.     I’ve seen many, many occasions where a product is being offered, but the photos are terrible.    I almost ALWAYS don’t buy, and if I do, I always bid low. 

     We can’t buy what we can’t see properly.   My eyes aren’t what they used to be, either, and I’m not alone.

         So, I want to see better product photos out there so I can find and buy what I want without difficulty.    There’s a lot of great stuff out there, all around the world, but I need to see a good picture of it, maybe many good pictures, before I buy it.

Buyers will receive:

---- A private link to access the full report in our instruction section.   You may then print it out.

-    3 personal emails in which they can ask for help and advice about their photo projects. I’ll give you personal help by answering questions and making constructive recommendations.

-      Plus:  As our product photography section expands you will get an additional short report giving advertising copy writing tips.    I spent some time in the newspaper advertising world creating ads, and I’ve sold hundreds of items on ebay.    Good descriptive writing is the next best thing you can do to sell your products.

Free E-cardsWhen you care the most, send the best...
Use our images or yours, plus music, quotes, more.

Travel photography  -  New section, coming soon !

You might already have a great camera, but may be unsure how to travel with it.
You may not know how to get loads of great shots that tell the story of your trip.

Here's what we'll teach you:

What kind of equipment to take, what NOT to take
How to get good shots under less than ideal conditions
How to edit and crop your photos for best results
How to deal with photo storage
Sample photos, how they were adjusted
Mental and physical preparation for capturing great shots
and more

Pet photography
for fun and profit

People love their pets, and many are eager to have special photos of them.
The problem is, pets are often difficult to capture with a camera.
Besides that, many people don't know how to use their cameras effectively.

Our pet photography section will teach you:

How to create rapport with the animal
What kind of lights and cameras to use
How to create a shoot setup, with lights and backgrounds
How to crop, adjust, and edit the photos from the shoot.
How to avoid "green eye", glowing retinas.
Sample photos, and more.



Photography Training
With Pro Photographer Paul Smyres
$24.95 Fast online delivery.
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