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Collectible print sets by Paul Smyres

We're in the process of creating a whole series of print sets.
These will be made with archival paper and long lasting inks.
Until these new prints are made, if you would like to be informed
when they are ready, contact us by email or phone. ( 917.239.3151 )

See my gallery at www.discoveredartists.com/gallery/paulsmyres
for a selection of archival quality prints.

The sets pictured below are only $ 10  USD each.  ( scroll down )
Shipping will be added to the total.
If you wish to buy one, specify the number in an email

We can accept paypal, checks, or a credit card.
More sets will be added soon

What are these sets?
Be one of the first people to be notified about collectible print auctions email

           Samples are pictured below.   These sets are the very FIRST autographed, collectible photo print sets to be sold by photographer Paul Smyres.  While he has sold many prints to customers they have rarely been signed.   These sets are entirely unique because they all have at least 2 images from different works that he has done.   The images in the sets are not in chronological order by the date of the images, but rather by the creation of these sets.   Each is numbered beginning with 1, and will all be sold.   The early buyers will get wonderful deals.   Some of the images are of such quality that they can be mounted and framed immediately, and others could be test prints, or misprints, from various work that Mr. Smyres has done.   The specific details of each set will be described in their eBay listing so buyers can determine for themselves what to bid based on their needs.  This allows the market to completely determine the price. 

            If you buy one of these sets, hold on to it, because it’s truly one of a kind.   Some of the sets are better quality, visually, than others.  The best ones can be framed and mounted.   Some are test prints, or misprints, but these have value because of their uniqueness.   All of the items are shipped in plastic sleeves.   Like all photo prints, they should be stored in appropriate conditions, for long term preservation.   If you mount and display a print, it should be under glass and in a dry environment away from direct sunlight.

What makes these photographs collectible and valuable?

         Photographic works are collectible and valuable if they meet a number of criteria.   

           First, the photographer should be well known, with a large body of work.   Mr. Smyres’ two internationally known photography websites www.livingpictures.org, and www.livingbeing.com receive more than 350,000 visitors each month from over 150 countries, and they are still growing.   Mr. Smyres launched his website in April of 1999, and has since reached a world wide audience for his work.   In 2006, his two huge websites received over 3.2 million visitors from 155 countries.   The page views were 3 times that number, and on each page are up to a dozen images.   Truly, Mr. Smyres work is now internationally well known.    Beginning in 2007, his internet media company, Living Being Media www.livingpictures.org/Living-Being-Media.html will expand it’s operation to at least two more sites with new formats and exciting content.   These signed and documented print sets will therefore become highly collectible.   In addition, most of them are suitable for framing and enjoying as they are.

           Secondly, the collectible items need to be documented.   To be collectible, there needs to be a certifiable record, and a signature makes an item much more valuable.   Each of these sets will have 2 kinds of certifiable characteristics that make them one of a kind collectibles.    Dated thank you letter with signature,     signatures on each image,   and a dated purchase receipt.   Monetary value is not predictable, nor can it be guaranteed, but most original works by a famous artist ultimately increase greatly over time.   The work of an artist that becomes well known is even more valuable, and Mr. Smyres is now known around the world because of the internet.   In addition to potential monetary value, each of these sets are designed to have practical value for decorative use, and in some cases the sets are note cards that can be sent to friends or family.  As indicated, there are always at least 2 photos in each set, and often there are many.

           Thirdly, the item should be truly rare.   An item is rare if it is unique, with no copies.   Each one of this series of sets will be the absolute only one of it's kind.   The rarest pieces of any artist are the earliest ones, or the first ones ever to be sold at auction.   This particular series is the fist ever, and it will continue indefinitely.   If this set is ended, a new, completely different set will begin.    In any case, purchase receipt and dated certification letter will be proof your set is an early one.    

               Mr. Smyres’ work with photographic images transcends language and cultural barriers, evoking emotional responses to beauty and the awareness of life.   Using ordinary subject matter from his travels and personal activities, he combines a deep appreciation of the sublime, respect for life, and sense of humor to create a prolific volume of unique imagery that pulls on the emotions and uplifts the human spirit.   Note cards and t-shirts with his photographs can be purchased through www.livingpictures.org, and décor prints can be purchased.   Mr. Smyres chose early on to publish his own work on the internet beginning in April, 1999, since he was already an avid computer enthusiast and electronics hobbyist.   More about Mr. Smyres can be found www.livingpictures.org/paulsmyres.htm

            Your purchase will support the expansion of Living Being Media, independent media, and international communication of harmony using beautiful and inspiring imagery.   Living Pictures Foundation


Sample sets.   Click on the thumbnails
The sets pictured below are only $ 10  USD each.
Shipping will be added to the total.
If you wish to buy one, specify the number in an email

We can accept paypal, checks, or a credit card.


set 1
 b/w, matte paper
2 8 by 10's
Items numbered, 1 and 2

Sun/clouds over farm

Set 2

Color, 2 pieces card stock,
Back side of one has another
image so couldn't be used.

View of snowcapped Himalayan
mountain landscape.
Tibetan prayer flags

Set 3

2 color, 5 by 7 glossy
moon setting

Set 4

2 color, 5 by 7
one glossy, 1 matte

Horse, sepia
Barn in summer

Set 5

2  5 by 7, one is card
Photoshop modified, abstract
bas relief lake, sunrise, canoe
art piece, vase, flowers

Set 6

4 pieces, 3 cards complete
1 flat, unfolded card
misprint ( light colors )
moon/clouds, Vishla dog,
moon/sky, Amish farm

Set 7

2  5 by 7 matte
birds at feeder, 1 flying
hawk/falcon on pine tree


Set 8

3  5 by 7
2 sepia matte
1 glossy
yellow rose,
country road
lone tree

Set 9
Tree theme, monochrome sepia

Set 10
NYC Central Park
More to be added  

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