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Portrait photo sessions

A nice portrait of a loved-one is priceless and can last a lifetime, or  even last more than a lifetime.

Indoor studio shoot  Outdoors   Number of shots and poses  
 Print  Prices  
Location and travel costs   Sample packages

       Photographer Paul Smyres    Pet Celebrity Pet photography   General photographic services
Serving SE  NY, NW  CT, and SW  MA up to 50 miles from our studio.   I will travel to locations if necessary.

917-239-3151 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

             I can do any type of portrait, with or without props, of your family, child or pet at your location, or at our studio in Millerton, NY    I use professional digital equipment and lights, plus I have extensive Photoshop experience.    Portrait photography tips. 
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             I am not a model agent so I cannot directly promote models.   However, I can provide professional photographs that models can use for their careers.   I do not do nude photography.    I can create comp card templates.   Ask for details.

What to expect from a portrait session
         Many people have misunderstandings and misconceptions about professional portrait photography.

       One is related to cost:
   If you expect to have good results you need to remember that good photographic portraits take time, thought, good equipment, experience,  and skill.     We charge what it takes to guarantee a great result.    Professional models in particular need to consider what they are trying to project with their persona.     To portray that accurately may take several sittings, with different outfits and lighting styles.    It's important to remember that the product of your photo sessions will last a lifetime and can greatly enhance one's career.

        A second misconception is about what a photographer can do.     A great portrait depends to a large extent on the cooperation of the subject, especially for adults.    The best expressions reflect the sincere and true character of the subject.    Many adults have difficulty relaxing in front of a camera.    If you are just beginning in modeling, it may take several photo sessions of different kinds to become sufficiently relaxed for good model photos.

A standard portrait session in our studio is $ 195     This includes:

up to 1 hour of shooting time
editing and adjustment of photos
4    8 by 10 prints  and   4   5 by 7 prints   CD with the best photos

Additional prints can be ordered.  Call for details.

Print Prices
When I do a photo shoot, I can place the images on

You can then select exactly the photos and quantity you want.

Outdoor portraits

Although natural lighting from the sun can often be the best possible, it's not dependable.
If an appointment is scheduled, there's no guarantee that the outdoor lighting will be good.
If you wish to have an outdoor portrait you'll need to be flexible as to timing.

Another major consideration is the angle of the sun and cloud cover. 
 It makes a big difference in the lighting.

Number of prints and shots

I use a high quality digital camera for portrait sessions.
I always shoot in color, but I can convert any image to either black/white or a sepia.
I can also work artistically with Photoshop to produce unique prints.

If you want, I can provide a CD with a photo slide show set to music.  Extra $ 150

We have a digital processing lab so we print all our own prints up to 11 by 17 inches.
Images are  cropped, edited, and color-adjusted if necessary before printing.

You have a choice of Premium Glossy photo paper or an archival Matte finish heavyweight paper.
I can make edge to edge borderless prints, too.
I can also provide transparency sheets at 25 % higher cost.

Ask about custom greeting cards and T-shirts

Location and travel costs

Our private country studio   or    Your chosen location
I'll travel to your location if you wish but beyond 20 miles I have to charge for travel.


under 20 miles --  free
20 to 40 miles    $ 10

40 to 100 miles ----  40 cents per mile
over 100 miles  
daily rate of $ 350  plus expenses

      Photography instruction  Join our information section, where we keep adding more and more tips for a variety of photographic techniques, including;
How to sell products faster and for a higher price with great photos.
Pet Photography, Travel
( taking a trip soon? ), portraits,  photo editing, and much more

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