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Paul Smyres - photographer, writer

Living Being Media

Buy selected quality archival prints from photographer Paul Smyres
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Full range of photography services

917-239-3151  Paul

We can sell usage rights to any of our photos on this site
plus many thousands of other exclusive, unique images in our archives.
Our inventory includes slides, negatives, and prints in addition
to a large quantity of digital images.

Fees depend on usage rights, distribution, time period,
and other factors.     Call for a price quote.

We also do extensive custom image creation and file preparation
for the full range of publishing options.
Call for a detailed price estimate on specific projects.

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Use our images or yours, plus music, quotes, more.

Be one of the first people to be notified about collectible print auctions
be one of the very first owners of genuine signed print sets by photographer Paul Smyres.
His work on this site is seen by over 10,000 people every day by people from over 135 countries.
These sets will have 3 kinds of certifiable characteristics that make them one of a kind collectibles.
Thank you letter with signature, signatures on each image,
and a dated eBay purchase receipt with several listing photos.
They will be packed in protective sleeves.

Receive a FREE page pet photography tips report

Custom order archival prints

If you want an archival print that is signed and numbered, please call  917-239-3151. 
 They are created by special order only.

Archival print prices are dependent on several factors, so they are given after the customer's
specific needs for size and type of paper are considered.
Archival prints are on special paper using long lasting inks.
You have a choice of Matte archival or glossy archival photo paper.

photo note-cards
color and monochrome
 note-cards, photo CD's, prints, t-shirts, and more...Product sales refund and privacy policies

          Most photos on this website are available for sale.   Those seen on this site come from original slides, prints, or negatives  but have been scanned in at a low density, suitable for the average computer screen.  The actual photos look much better than the computer display.   We have thousands more that are not on this site.   Call for stock photo request.

High quality borderless prints
   Photo CD's    Postcards    Framed prints   Commercial buyers - see stock photo page

How to find pictures you like so you can order.
Use table of contents, the search facility, the master links menu, or just browse the site.
When you see something on this site that you would like to use
contact  Paul at   
or email: 

Pets, children, nature, art, landscapes  Life affirming pictures, transformative imagery

          We have a large number of pet photos available for commercial use.   See the stock photo page.  Photographer Paul Smyres is available for specialized work in advertising both for print and internet.   We have a studio located in a charming country setting in Millerton, NY
           In addition to the pictures on this website,  thousands more are available and the inventory is always increasing.

Custom Note-cards       Photo CD's, hundreds of related images on a disc

Calendars with quotes coming soon.  See sample.  Other photo merchandise

High-quality, borderless prints for decor.

          Photographic prints, like many other products, are available in different grades.  Collectors who are really "investors" in art deserve and pay for quality archival prints,  because they last a very long time and may appreciate in value.   We select a small number of images to be made into archival prints, and these cost what they are worth.  Many others, however, are available at very reasonable prices for use as decor or gifts. Buy Living Pictures Decor Prints on   A few decor prints are available framed.    Call for details.

Many of the original prints used on this site are available as postcards 
4 by 6 postcard prints are priced by grade and quantity.

All orders of $ 100 or more comes with:
 1.)  a signed thank-you letter.  
Each letterhead is printed on high-resolution paper and has a few selected photos. 

No other letter will have the same selection.

2.)  a free, stamped 4 by 6 photo postcard that you can send to a friend or collect.

New:   Buy a T-shirt with any photo on it.


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