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"Pet Celebrity!"
" Woof !  Click on me to see more samples"
Hollywood Glamour Pet Photography
"Your pet should be famous"
Photo event schedule  
Photographer Paul Smyres
Shooting on location,
or at your nearest host organization.
SE New York, NW CT, SW MA, or our studio in Millerton, NY  
 917-239-3151 ( 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
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I do a lot of pet photography. 

Visit our country studio in Millerton, NY
By appointment only.  

                  I sometimes do large pet photo shoots with 20 or more sittings.  Please call if you would like to arrange one.  I favor animal adoption organizations.

                      I can travel out of my area ( SE New York) to do them, but I need at least 20 customers lined up or be assured of sufficient sales to justify travel and expenses.   A large photo shoot takes at least a day, plus a day to show proofs and take orders.

Please consider adoption for your next pet.

     Each year, thousands of perfectly healthy and loving dogs are put to sleep, sometimes for the lamest of reasons.   Some were abused and neglected by their previous owner.

Dogs   Cats  Patriotic pets   Pet photo events

          I use a unique, colorful system designed specifically for pets that
attractive, professional results that customers love.  I can also shoot in many other styles, at your choice of location, \either in color or monochrome.   
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Pet Celebrity  -- your pet should  be famous.  Click to enlarge " fraiiy-cat " a sweet puppy Smile !  it's not so bad..
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 When I do a large photo shoot I set up at local establishments. 

       I can also photograph at your home or other chosen location.   You could be one of the few in the area that has a portrait of your pet done with our unique style.

        I take up to 24 shots for each customer, assuring an excellent selection.  
       Sometimes I do fundraisers, for any organization,  especially those devoted to pets or children.
If you know of any organization that would like to raise up to $250  hosting a fun event, call me.
   Hosts get a free sitting, extra prints, and a CD with their photos.

         I can also print your photo on a transparency that you can hang in a window or near a lamp.

Free E-cards  When you care the most, send the best...
Use our images or yours, plus music, quotes, more.

You crack me up, really .. this horse is actually yawning.
Funny Lauging
 Horse T-shirt
photo note-cards
color and monochrome
Dogs and Cats 
note cards 
6 cats and 6 dogs
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How a Pet Celebrity Hollywood Glamour photo session works.

        The shoots can be done in one full day, or divided into 2 portions.  
Generally, we schedule one pet owner every twenty minutes.
We try to get up to 25 sittings, so filling a schedule can take up to 3 weeks.

       I need an area about 10 feet by 10 feet, with access to an electrical outlet.

          We'll pay a member of your organization to be a pet handler at 6 to 10 dollars an hour.   
If sales are good I always pay them a generous bonus, too. It's a fun experience,
 especially for a young person.

          I  schedule a viewing/ordering day about a week or two after the shoot.   I bring a
computer and printer so people can receive their prints and / or CD right  there.

         On sales/order day I pay your organization the
commissions, which can be up to  $400.  
 Orders can be sent directly to the customers.

         This is a proven pet portrait system that has produced excellent results around the country
There are many photographers, but few specialize in pets, nor do they offer
our flexible package system that allows pet owners  to get the photos they really want, not a drawer full of discards.

ind out how your business or organization can earn up to $200 per event,
hosting a professional Pet Portrait Day

      Photography instruction  Join our information section, where we keep adding more and more tips for a variety of photographic techniques, including;
How to sell products faster and for a higher price with great photos.
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( taking a trip soon? ), portraits,  photo editing, and much more


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