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Mobile Homes

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Mobile homes are America's answer to cheap housing.  

They're constructed in a factory and moved to the site on large wheeled frames,
where they are put into place after removing the wheels.
At one time these homes kept their wheels and could theoretically be moved.  
Few people ever did that.
Some states still treat mobile homes as motor vehicles,
so transfer of title is done through the motor vehicle department.

If you plan to buy a mobile home, think carefully.   
Banks are usually very reluctant to finance them,
and if they do, they ask for a high down payment and/or higher interest rates.
Communities often frown on installing new mobile homes, too,
because they are often associated
with unkempt premises and lower income residents.

In spite of the negatives, a mobile home can sometimes
 be a smart purchase.

First, make sure it has its own land.  
A mobile home that happens to be sitting on a nice lot in a good neighborhood
can be a real bargain.   Remember, it already has a septic system, well,
and driveway.  It may also have a garage, basement, shed, or other
valuable features.   If it's in a "trailer park", beware of high lot rental fees.
Second, if it's on a concrete slab with a well and full septic,
financing could be easier.

Third, if you really want the place,
make a good offer and include as much cash as you can.

Factors that make a mobile home purchase a smart deal are:

+++ low price.   Sellers of mobile homes are in a dilemma.
Not many people want their homes. 
If you have cash you can usually get a fast, good deal.

a nice piece of land, such as an acre or more
plans to build a new home on the lot within a few years
good neighborhood, or one that's growing.
you need cheap housing for a few years while you plan your dream home
you are an investor.   You can almost always find a tenant for a mobile home.
Meanwhile, your equity will grow and you may be able to sell it
to someone who needs a place to build their dream home.

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