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Unique merchandise
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We are making arrangements with a variety of suppliers to distribute/sell their quality merchandise.

We promote products that are natural, long lasting, creative, artistic, unique, and aesthetically pleasing.   
Natural substances are the basis for most of what we sell.  
For thousands of years, nature has provided an abundance of beautiful materials that are also useful,
found in art, tools, and construction, and one of the most common material is of course, rocks

We're looking for vendors and affiliates.  Product and advertising restrictions.
Soon to come:   iTunes, Apple iPods and other products.

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Handmade oriental silk pillows

Visit us on eBay, screen name   "livingbeing"
From time to time we have unique stuff for sale.

  Image CD's
Hundreds of images on a single disc -- $23.95 includes shipping.
All pictures copyright Paul Smyres, 1999 - 2003  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

First edition print sets now available 
contact:  paul@livingpictures.org
for description of current stock.
Sometimes are found on eBay
Auction of original, absolutely first editions numbered, photographed, and signed.
photos, test prints, earliest works, collectible sets and NO RESERVE auctions.....
eBay name:  livingbeing
be one of the very first owners of genuine signed print sets by photographer Paul Smyres.
His work on this site is seen by over 10,000 people every day by people from over 150 countries.
These sets will have 3 kinds of certifiable characteristics that make them one of a kind collectibles.
Dated thank you letter with signature, signatures on each image,
and a dated eBay purchase receipt with several listing photos.
They will be packed in protective sleeves.
Custom order archival prints

      Photography instruction  Join our information section, where we keep adding more and more tips for a variety of photographic techniques, including;
How to sell products faster and for a higher price with great photos.
Pet Photography, Travel
( taking a trip soon? ), portraits,  photo editing, and much more

photo note-cards
color and monochrome
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"Not just textbooks......."

Tons of books from all subjects...    
Book suggestions

Free E-cardsWhen you care the most, send the best...
Use our images or yours, plus music, quotes, more.

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Click the photograph to see it or another sample full-size.


Old cabin print

Old prints

Old prints often look wonderful on the walls of modern homes.

Books and other good stuff

Books  -- this site, more links

From time to time we have rare or unusual books for sale.   
We also visit bookstores in out of the way places. 
We share this information with you here.

evanserious1.jpg (18648 bytes)

Portrait services

I do location and studio photography
for both people and pets.
My studio is in Millerton, NY

Hand carved face made from stump

Crafts and hand-made items. 

Wherever we travel we look for unusual items. 
We tell you where to see more like them.   

Homesteaders on the plains of Africa, circa 1925

Antique photos.

Some photographs were taken by my Grandfather during his travels. 
Do you have any you would like to sell?  List them here.

crystalpyramid1.jpg (42435 bytes)

Natural products

Crystals, wood products.

Live wire --- could this be you?

Antique postcards

Many people collect antique postcards. 
We sell some here periodically.  Do you have any for sale?

Used cameras --- this one a Nikkormat FTN used daily

Used cameras

Many photographers enjoy collecting fine cameras. 
Sell your used camera here.   Call for items for sale.

Old frame  ---  this example has been sold Picture frames -- coming soon...

Modern and antique frames -- selected for quality and unique style.

unique postcards

Photo Postcards

Use our one-of-a-kind postcards to promote your business or correspond
with loved ones.  Hundreds to choose from.

Beautiful sets of

Sets of 12 or 24 cards, 
mixed selection of photos
Themes currently available:
NYC photos   Country Living   Dogs   Cats
Upanishads quotes   Antique photos


2 " by 2 " and larger color transparencies mounted in plexiglas
   These beautiful items can be used as keychains, 
Christmas ornaments, or hung in a sunny window.


Image CD's

Hundreds of images on a single disc -- $23.75 includes shipping
Categories available now:    Weird stuff      Country living     pets

How to photograph products information and ins section

Advertiser Restrictions:

Sorry,  but we don't want any advertisers for pornography, or anything related, 
poor quality merchandise, fraud ("get rich quick") schemes, etc. 
Nor do we want any annoying "animated gifs", intrusive button or banner ads or "pop-ups"
We only want high quality visually appealing advertising that lets our visitors enjoy our site.
Instead of a "banner", get a whole page, and we'll link to your own site from many of our pages.


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Fabulous Furniture
Unique custom furniture
crafts from Woodstock, NY

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