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Hudson Valley Music
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The Hudson Valley is home to many very talented musicians and several top recording studios.
Check here for links to local performers and their gig schedules.

"it's music buddy use it
use it to soothe shit
use it to do shit
blues hits git me thinkin about crews n clicks
I used to stick with
slick rifts git me driftin into the intuition, out of a situation, lyrical notation, spiritual motivation,
a whole notion of devotion to an ocean of innovation "        RobbyG   --  rap lyricist

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Performers and studios

Hudson Valley Records
local production company

Sub-Culture Flows™
-Lyric/Rap publication
Sam E. -  Hurley, NY,
Hudson Valley. 
   RobbyG and Company
Tapes Now Available
Albert Carey Project -
fabulous blues and soulful singing
Millbrook Sound Studios   --  world class recording studio
Millbrook, NY

Rock and roll, blues

Loose Keys -- Jazz
Lydia Pidlnsky
Litchfield  Jazz festival - CT -- in August check with this
lately many
megaliths from metropolises
making megahits
droppin hits
Schematics in the "ska"-rock biz
Sam E. jams easily, raps emphatically
Great Barrington, MA -- Mahaiwhe theater,   Club Helsinki,
Woodstock, NY

Drums For Sale

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