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Paul Smyres 
Commercial photographer   Aerial photography

Photo services, writer, internet consulting
I'll travel almost anywhere for special projects and assignments.   

Photographing products for eBay
We sell on eBay under the ID:  livingbeing
Virtually all tangible products require a good picture in order to sell
online or through the mail.
For tips, see our product photography section
Quality photographs make the sale happen and increase the sale price.

For eBay items, I can work on a commission basis.  Call for details.
I produce commercial grade images for publication or internet use.
I can use Photoshop to create modified photos
for advertising and creative applications.

We also do copy writing for online advertising
I have a studio and professional lighting.
If the object is large, I can bring equipment to the location.

Time Rates

For each hour of photography there is typically at least an hour of two of
post production work such as editing, cropping, and creating a CD or DVD.   
Rates listed include that production work.

Rates are project based and negotiable, but a guideline is as follows:

Hour:   $ 100, minimum 2 hours
Day:   $ 600 plus travel and expenses
Week:   $ 1,500 plus travel and expenses

Many customers are unaware of what a photo shoot entails, how long it will take,
and how much it will cost.   A good photo shoot is well planned so that everything is in order.
This means any models, props, apparel, products, lights, backgrounds, and so on must be
ready and immediately available.
A simple portrait session can be done within a half hour, plus a half hour to review results.
Product photography, on the other hand, is much more complicated.
For each product, it's usually best to take multiple shots.    Sometimes it's also wise to
have an appropriate set to create an atmosphere.     That's easy for small products,
but for large ones, such as vehicles or furniture, it can take considerable preparation.

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Samples of my work
Gilmor Glass
Steve Heller custom furniture

      Photography instruction  Join our information section, where we keep adding more and more tips for a variety of photographic techniques, including;
How to sell products faster and for a higher price with great photos.
Pet Photography, Travel
( taking a trip soon? ), portraits,  photo editing, and much more

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Millerton, NY 12546
Dutchess County,)

Location work in NYC
Upper West Side,
  Hudson Valley   NW CT.

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