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Country Real Estate
Hudson Valley real estate resource
Dutchess and Columbia County New York

This is not a real estate agent or broker site. 
It is only an information resource and advertising medium.

"Free from war's cares, returns an easy food,
they breathe the fresh and uncorrupted air,
and by clear brooks enjoy untroubled sleeps."

Many people enjoy living in the country but it's much different than living in a town.  
For example, most country homes have their own well and septic system
 that you have to maintain.   
There's a lot more yard maintenance,  too.  You could lose a tree during a storm,
and if you live in the north, you'll sometimes get big snow
or ice storms and power outages.
   A storage shed is very useful because you'll have a lot of maintenance tools.
Wildlife can be a problem, too.   Deer, wild turkeys, and raccoons are very common,
and it's possible to encounter an occasional bear, coyote, or fox.
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Columbia and Northern Dutchess Counties, NY
In our area there's a wide mix of housing styles, from mobile homes to huge estates.
If you plan to buy a home here, there are some things you need to consider.

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Very old homes

These can be quaint but may need a lot of work.
Also, remember that most old homes had small closets, low ceilings,
and were quite close to the road.   On the other hand,
if a home has stood for 150 years, chances are good it's worth expanding or restoring.
If you plan to restore an old home, plan to spend more than you expect.
Hidden problems often come to light during renovation.
Sometimes you find an old home that has had many modifications.
That can be good and bad, depending on who did the work
and how good the design is.
If you've got the money and time, fixing up an old house can be very rewarding.

  Hudson Valley Sustainable Solutions
community minded company focused on helping our community reduce its carbon footprint.

New developments

Some people like these because they provide neighbors and convenience.
Unfortunately, most developers strip the land of good trees and shrubs
so a typical lot has lousy landscaping.   Often the soil is poor, too.
Sometimes you can find a nice
development that was developed very thoughtfully,
or one that has matured over many years.
Lots are usually quite small, up to 2 or 3 acres. 

Modular homes

Modular homes can be a bargain but they're not for everyone.
Because they're "mass produced" they tend to look alike sometimes,
especially if they're being put up on lots by a builder who is just
"cranking them out" for quick sales.
Buyers should be aware of hidden costs that can come up
when they buy a lot and have a modular brought in.
Make sure to get a good estimate on the cost of a foundation,
driveway, landscaping, septic system, and well if you need one.
Another thing to remember is that a modular may not bring
good a price when selling because of public perception about modulars.

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An old farm is very tempting to buy but be careful.
Watch out for farm dumps, possible pesticide residue, and old decaying barns.
In NY, you can put parcels over 10 acres into agricultural production
 to save on taxes.

Save the trees       
help save the rainforests

Streams and ponds

Streams are great but few properties have one,
so if you find one consider yourself lucky and pay more for it.
Ponds can be created on the right type of land but you need a permit.
Permits are not so difficult to get because in the country a pond is
very useful to fire departments in case of an emergency.
Burrowing animals can empty a small pond quickly so it
usually needs to be lined with clay.  
 Ponds can attract mosquitoes and other bugs,
so keep that in mind.   Animals, too, love ponds.
They all need water and often live near water.

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Buyer Agency
Real estate agents by default are working on behalf of the seller.
However, you can have an agent work for you, specifically, to find property. 
All you need is a buyer's agent agreement.


     Dutchess and Columbia County, NY
and Columbia Counties are located in upstate New York
They border Connecticut and Massachusetts.  This area of the Hudson Valley
is across the river from the beautiful Catskills.  The entire region is
spectacularly beautiful, with rolling hills, lots of farms, horse ranches
and many recreational, educational, and entertainment resources.
Nearby are the famous towns of Woodstock, Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie,
 Hyde Park and Hudson, NY  Also nearby is Great Barrington, Lennox,
and the Berkshires in MA. plus Lakeville, Kent, and Salisbury, CT
There are too many picturesque towns in the area to mention.
          Property values are very strong here because the quality of life is excellent.
The Hudson Valley is accessible by 2 trains, 2 major airports, 2 highways and many scenic country roads.

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